Poverty is declining in Akron-Newstead and vulnerable populations living here aren’t hit by poverty as much as in other communities. Seniors may be at the greatest risk for poverty. They often have to cover unplanned expenses, like medical bills, on fixed incomes. Lower rates of car ownership among seniors can contribute to isolation in this rural community.

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Akron-Newstead’s population held steady from 2011 to 2017 while the number living in or near poverty fell by nearly 400.

Vulnerable populations, % living in poverty, 2017

Children in Akron-Newstead aren’t hit by poverty nearly as much as in other communities.

Source: American Community Survey.

Single parents are more likely to live in poverty than any other vulnerable population in Akron-Newstead.

Source: American Community Survey.

Only 3% of young adults in the community live in poverty.

Source: American Community Survey.

Poverty is virtually eliminated for two-parent families with children in Akron-Newstead.

Source: American Community Survey.

There are no refugees or immigrants living in poverty.

Source: American Community Survey.

Older residents in Akron-Newstead are more likely to be in poverty than younger residents.

Source: American Community Survey.


Traditionally a farming community, today, these top 10 employers account for 79% of all jobs in Akron-Newstead.

Top 10 Employers, 2019
Rank Employer
#1 Strippit LVD
#3 Whiting Door Mfg. Corp
#4 Akron Central Schools
#5 Perry`s Ice Cream Co Inc.
#6 Pixley`s Bells Super Market
#7 Cold Spring Construction Co
#8 I Squared R Element Co Inc.
#9 Bank of Akron
#10 Arrowhead Golf Club

Source: Various. See Data Sources and Notes.

About 39% of all jobs have earnings of $40k a year or more.

Jobs by Income Level, 2015
Akron-Newstead Buffalo Niagara
Total Jobs 3,010 547,851
<$15k/yr 676
150,324 (27%)
$15-$40k/yr 1,166
178,599 (33%)
>$40k/yr 1,168
218,928 (40%)

Source: US Census Bureau, LEHD.


66% of adults have a high school degree or some college education. Earnings are 80% higher for those with a bachelor’s.

While still on par with the region, high school graduation rates fell to a 7 year low in 2017.


Although renters are more likely to be burdened by housing costs, the vast majority of cost-burdened households own their home.

  • The median home value in Akron-Newstead is about the same as the region as a whole.

    Median Home Value, 2017


    Source: American Community Survey
  • Monthly rent in the community is a bit lower than the region overall.

    Median Rent, 2017


    Source: American Community Survey


Seniors are five times more likely than younger residents to not have a vehicle.

Households Without Vehicles, 2017
  • 2%
    UNDER 65 yr
  • 10%
    OVER 65 yr
Source: American Community Survey.

91% of working residents in this community depend on a car to get to work.


Violent crime rates in the Village of Akron nearly doubled from 2010 to 2017.

Property crime rates declined by 81% from 2010 to 2017.

As the high school graduation rate dropped, juvenile arrests stayed low.

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