Newfane is a rural town on the shores of Lake Ontario. Residents were traditionally employed by  manufacturing firms, which cut a lot jobs over the years. Today, the costs of childcare, housing, and car ownership contribute to poverty. But poverty rates for most vulnerable groups in Newfane are lower than the region overall. Newfane also has above average high school graduation rates. Expanding access to good-paying jobs and affordable childcare, can help lift more residents out of poverty.

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Since 2011, the total population as well as the number in or near poverty, saw little change.

Vulnerable populations, % living in poverty, 2017

16% of Newfane children are in poverty. Children are three times more likely to be in poverty than young adults.

Source: American Community Survey.

Single parents in Newfane are more likely to live in poverty than in other communities in the region.

Source: American Community Survey.

Only 5% of young adults are in poverty. This speaks to the 95% high school graduation rate in Newfane.

Source: American Community Survey.

While the poverty rate for children is 16%, two-parent families with children fare better with 6% living in poverty.

Source: American Community Survey.

About 140 refugees and immigrants live in Newfane. Only a couple of these residents live in poverty.

Source: American Community Survey.

Just 3% of seniors are in poverty, a sign of the good-paying jobs with retirement benefits older residents once held.

Source: American Community Survey.


The top 10 employers in the community provide over 60% of all jobs in Newfane.

Top 10 Employers, 2019
Rank Employer
#1 Newfane Central School District
#2 Newfane Rehabilitation and Health Center
#3 Tops Friendly Markets
#4 Lake View Orchards
#5 Ridge Road Express
#6 Akzo Nobel Chemicals Inc.
#7 Sun Orchard Fruit Company
#8 Town of Newfane
#9 Early Childhood Center
#10 McDonald`s

Source: Various. See Data Sources and Notes.

In Newfane, about a quarter of all jobs pay more than $40k/year, compared to 40% region wide.

Jobs by Income Level, 2015
Newfane Buffalo Niagara
Total Jobs 1,752 547,851
Earnings <$15k/yr 605 (35%) 150,324 (27%)
Earnings $15k-$40k/yr 692 (39%) 178,599 (33%)
Earnings >$40k/yr 455 (26%) 218,928 (40%)

Source: US Census Bureau, LEHD.


Over half of adults have no education beyond high school and earn less than those who do.

High graduation rates consistently exceed the regional average.


More than half of all lower-income households pay about a third or more of their income on housing. Renters are more likely to be housing cost burdened.

  • While the median home value is $26,400 less than the regional home value, rents are on par with the regional average.

    Median Home Value, 2017


    Source: American Community Survey

  • Median Rent, 2017


    Source: American Community Survey


As residents get older and retire, they are less likely to have a vehicle.

Households Without Vehicles, 2017
  • 1%
    UNDER 65 yr
  • 11%
    OVER 65 yr
Source: American Community Survey.

About 97% of residents in Newfane drive to work, either alone or through carpooling.


The violent crime rate in rural areas of Niagara County including Newfane, fluctuated in recent years.

Property crime rates steadily declined since 2010 in rural communities of Niagara County, including Newfane.

Juvenile arrests in rural areas of Niagara County are up from 2013. After-school activities could help lower these numbers.

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